Our campsite is located by the Montargil lake, in a tranquil part of Alentejo, only 130 kilometers (less than two hours) away from Lisbon, making it a perfect weekend getaway destination. There is plenty to do in the area at any time of the year.


Within walking distance from the campsite there is the Montargil lake, where you can relax at cozy beaches surrounded by pine trees. Water activites like motor boats, jet skiing, windsurfing and water skiing are available in the area, as well as perfect spots for fishing and birdwatching. The picturesque dirt roads along the lake are perfect for cycling. It’s wonderfully quiet and blissful here, with endless, empty paths winding among the pines and oaks, encompassed by singing birds and wild flowers. If you prefer even more privacy, two secluded ponds around the farm are available for your use.


The small town of Montargil, just 12 kilometers from the Campsite, has lovely views from the opposite side of the lake. You can find here an ATM, cafes, restaurants and shops and try some local delicacies like migas (mashed bread dish), sweet water fish, wonderful grilled meats, as well as typical Alentejo wines and sweets.


In our small village by the lake, there are cafes with basic groceries and an excellent restaurant Retiro do Mocho with traditional cuisine from Alentejo, all within walking distance from the campsite.


Just ten minutes away by car lies the Fluviario of Mora, where you can learn about the aquatic life of Portugal. The aquariums with sweet water fish present a model of an iberian river, from source to mouth, and the native species that inhabit it. There is also a cafe, shop and a restaurant for you to enjoy.


There are several opportunities for day trips in the area. Don’t miss the small town of Avis, beautifully located on a hill next to a lake, or the magnificent UNESCO site of Evora. Lisbon is just 1,5 hours away.

Avis – 50 km – 35 min

Evora – 70 km – 50 min

Montijo – 100 km – 1h

Ponte de Sor – 30 km – 20 min

Mora – 12 km – 10 min

Badajoz – 110 km – 1h 10 min

Lisbon – 130 km – 1h 30 min